Board Inspiration: Laura Johnson

I met Kathy (Frederick) after I had received my breast cancer diagnosis. Though I didn’t even know who Kathy was when I was first diagnosed, I began receiving notes and gifts from my “fairy godmother.” A business acquaintance and friend who was a supporter of Row for the Cure shared my story with her and without knowing me personally she already felt compelled KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAto reach out, it was very touching.

After my treatment- surgery, and radiation, I was well enough to begin volunteering for health fairs associated with Susan G. Komen in Portland. I was walking around the fair and sure enough, there was Kathy! I walked up to her, by then I, of course, knew who she was, and we embraced in what was an intense moment for both of us. Someone was even there to capture the moment!

I shared with her that her kind notes and gestures meant so much and that she had saved my life.

Eventually, when Kathy asked me to become the treasurer for Row for the Cure early on in the organization’s history, I couldn’t say no! You can never say no to your sister.

Laura Johnson
Row for the Cure Treasurer
2017 474